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About Us

Our Story

Let me take you back to the summer of 2020 when I was in Jalisco, soaking in the vibrant energy of la plaza. That's where I stumbled upon these incredible handmade accessories by the Wixaritari – a hidden gem that seemed to go unnoticed by many.

How It Began

I couldn't help myself; I had to grab these stunning accessories and share them on social media. The response blew me away! It was clear there was a hunger for these authentic pieces. And just like that, My Mexican Boutique came to life.


Starting with cultural accessories, we've grown into something more. Now, as a recent college grad, I'm all about curating unique artisanal items from Mexico. It's a journey of collaboration with artisans in Jalisco, showcasing the diverse craftsmanship that's a celebration of our rich heritage.

Why Buy From Us?

When you snag something from My Mexican Boutique, you're not just getting a beautiful item – you're contributing to the livelihoods of talented artisans in Mexico. Your support allows us to keep the collaboration alive, providing fair compensation for their incredible work.

We pay the full asking price, ensuring these artisans get what they truly deserve. Your purchase isn't just a win for our small business; it's a direct boost to the artisans and their families.

And guess what? We've got affordable, authentic Mexican accessories that let you wear your love for Mexican culture with pride.

What's Next?

As we grow, we're not just aiming to support more artisans – we're aiming to make a real impact. More beautiful, artistic items mean more support for these incredible artisans and their families. We're dreaming big, reaching thousands of people across the U.S. and, who knows, maybe all over the world.

Thank you for joining us on the My Mexican Boutique journey – where passion, culture, and art come together in every handpicked item.