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The Wixárika, also known as Huichol, are an indigenous group in Mexico. A Mexican tribe who has been able to withstand social changes for centuries, demonstrating their human creativity as well as spiritual empathy that connects them to nature and universe. 


The huicholes or wixáritari (plural for Wixárika) reside in the Sierra Madre midwest of México. Mainly in the states of Jalisco, Nayarit, Zacatecas and Durango. They live according to their ancestral traditions and speak huichol, a language from the Uto-azteca family, vixaritari aniuki or Wixárika. 

They are called Wixárika, meaning "children of God" in their language. Their origin is controversial. For some, they originate from the Pacific coast along with the aztecs, tepehuanes, coras and tarahumaras, which confirms their belonging to the uro-azteca group. For others, they originate from the semi-desert plateaus of San Luis de Potosí. 

Wixárika Art

The Huichol art is a sacred art, solemn and focused on religion, it manifests traditionally through rupestrian paintings, hewn stone or wool thread that are used as offerings to the gods. 

Uniting images, sometime geometric figures, other figurative (especially with animals), the huichol creativity is fed from hallucinations. They are inspired by what is observed under the influence of psychotropics, especially after drinking sacred cactus used in rituals, the peyote. 

Peyote, deer and corn are often seen and represented in their art. 

Supporting a Wixárika Family

On June of 2021, My Mexican Boutique made their second donation to Leocadia’s family.  Leo stated, “[My Mexican Boutique], Thanks for the trust and for continuing purchasing from me, I’m very grateful. Thank you to the customers as well that purchase the artesanal accessories handmade from chakira, keep supporting [My Mexican Boutique] as buying a product from them is a way of helping me. Thank you!”

On December 21st of 2020, My Mexican Boutique was able to donate 15% of profits made between November and December to Leocadia's family, the Wixárika artisans who handmake our shop's accessories. One purchase from you helps support a Latina owned small business while also supporting Leo's family in Jalisco, México. When receiving the donation, Leo stated, "It makes me excited to see so many people like my art, it helps support me and my family." As My Mexican Boutique continues growing, we hope to help even more Wixárika families in the future. We are truly thankful for the support shown so far and eager to see what awaits us!